Lidia Lost 6kg on Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana Journey 24

Leslie Kenton Interviews Lidia who lost 6kg on the Cura Romana Journey 24 program and an additional 4kg by following the principles she learned during the consolidation process which teaches how to stay healthy and lean for life.

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A Healthy Diet to stay healthy and lean for life

In the Western world we have long been possessed by an obsession with changing the shape of our bodies, especially trying to make it thinner, using one diet after another. Yet making a body thinner is not always the best thing to do – either for its health or its good looks. A thin body is a wimpish body. It is a body depleted of energy and of power. When you are lean you are strong, you have sleek muscles, good tone, and you can feast heartily on wholesome, natural foods in keeping with your body’s unique food needs, enabling you to stay that way. You are also highly resistant to illness and early ageing as the years pass and you feel comfortable and at ease in your body. This is a very different experience from the anxiety over thinness which disempowers so many men and women. Leanness, created by restoring healthy balance and functioning to the body’s fat and appetite control center, brings a sense of power with it – a sense of being in control of your own life which is a far cry from the inadequacy many feel as they continue to battle against weight gain with conventional slimming diets. I believe it is time we forgot about thin and choose instead to go lean from inside out. This calls for revolution and this is what Cura Romana’s Journey Program brings