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How Cura Works

Reset Your Metabolism
Set Your Body Free

Cura Romana is a natural weight control programme that addresses weight loss and health at all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual. Food cravings leave. Self-criticism ends. Hunger disappears. Vitality builds as natural body shape emerges.

Cura’s goal is to encourage your body to rebalance the centre of appetite control and fat-burning while enhancing well-being all round. This transformation allows your body to burn fat naturally instead of laying it down on the hips, thighs, waists and buttocks. Conventional diets leave you hungry, weak and haggard—whereas Cura's Food Plan and Essential Spray help the body turn abnormal, shape-distorting fat into energy, without undermining bone, muscle or metabolism.

What are the benefits of Cura?

The men and women who have taken Cura, report the following benefits:

  • Need for less sleep
  • End to addictions
  • End to emotional eating
  • End to food cravings
  • End to unnatural hunger
  • Appetite normalised
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Better quality sleep
  • Better skin
  • Blood pressure normalised
  • Blood sugar stabilised
  • Excellent emotional balance
  • Excellent loss of fat deposits on ‘problem areas’
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Improved body shape
  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased vitality
  • Lessening or disappearance of aches and pains
  • Lessening or disappearance of menstrual problems
  • Life transformation

What does Cura involve?

Cura programs involve two key elements: the Essential Spray and a specific dietary protocol.

Cura’s Essential Spray is a natural, vibrational essence specially formulated and highly tested for its ability to support your weight loss and health. Participants report it also helps create a powerful sense of connection with their innate self—physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is completely free of synthetic fragrances and colours. It is suitable for vegetarians.

The Cura dietary protocol consists of eating protein foods like beef, fish, chicken - plus green vegetables, and a couple of pieces of fruit each day.

The program also works for vegetarians – Aaron & the late Leslie Kenton has mentored hundreds of vegetarians through Cura Romana, using some great vegetarian and vegan protein alternatives.

How is Cura structured?

Cura is a 9 or 12 week protocol divided into 2 parts:


This is the rapid fat-shedding part of the program. You follow a strictly defined food allowance with little or no hunger. It lasts 24 days or 45 days depending how much weight you wish to lose.


Following on from Essential Spray+Food Plan, Consolidation lasts for six weeks. It is the most important part of the program, designed to consolidate the metabolic transformation that has taken place in your body. You discover how to make your new body last. This is the time too for you to experience a new sense of physical and emotional freedom.

At-a-glance Guide to Cura

Feast Days - Day 1 & 2

During these 2 days you begin to use your Essential Spray while eating your fill of starches and fats to prepare your body for fat loss.

Essential Spray + Food Plan

Dynamic Fats Loss

Day 3 to 21 or 42

You burn unwanted fat rapidly for the next three (24 day program) or six weeks (45 day program) – depending on which program you’ve chosen. Your system re-balances itself. In three weeks on the 24 day program you’re likely to have shed from 15 to 18 pounds. On a 45 day program, after 6 weeks it will be a lot more.

Food Plan Minus Essential Spray

Final 3 Days (Day 22 to 24 or 43 to 45)

During these days you stay on the Food Plan but stop taking your Essential Spray which needs to clear from the body so you can enter consolidation

Consolidation - 6 Weeks

By now you have completed Essential Spray+Food Plan your body is cleaner, leaner, and highly responsive. You have learned to honor your body and to listen to its needs. Consolidation is a time of testing and discovering those foods that work for you and those that don’t. It is the most important part of your Cura program. It presents you with a unique opportunity: Time to find out which foods your body loves and which foods it literally “hates” without undermining your health and vitality and encouraging you regain. You’ll discover that you can eat freely of the foods your body loves so long as you steer clear of those it hates. Eating the foods your body loves maintains the metabolic rebalance, fosters high level health longterm and protects you from having to wrestle with unwanted weight gain in the future.

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"Cura Romana has been a journey of transformation on many levels. I lost 31 pounds, three dress sizes, and accessed a level of energy I never dreamed possible. But more importantly for me, I have reconnected with a part of me that had been buried - the part of me that is childlike, full of joy and sparkle and sheer life! I feel grounded in my body, clear in my mind and connected in my spirit. I know that I have been on far more than a weightloss program. I have been on a journey back to my authentic self. I can never thank Aaron & Leslie enough for her wise counsel, excellent suggestions, and nurturing spirit." Susan Lost 31.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"As someone who has tried many diets over the years with varying degrees of success, I found the Cura Romana Journey very different from all of them. This time MI lost the cravings and addictive eating behavior and they have never returned. Above all, I have learned to listen to and trust my body to tell me what it needs rather than relying on arbitrary rules. I feel an enormous sense of unity between body and spirit. I would never have believed such a thing to be possible. I feel a confidence and vitality that is new and I truly believe that it is going to last." Maria Lost 28.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"If you've ever despaired of being in control of your eating habits then I cannot recommend strongly enough that you try Cura Romana. Prior to my undertaking the Cura Romana program I was 42 pounds overweight and I often felt helpless and out of control, and despised myself for my lack of willpower when I was overcome by a craving for bread or pasta. Now, after losing 23 pounds and keeping it off, I feel much more respect for myself and I am proud of what I have achieved. I no longer have any food cravings, I no longer even enjoy bread and pasta, and I have absolutely no doubt that I will lose my remaining weight. Following Cura Romana was far easier than I could ever have imagined, and most importantly it's changed my relationship with food for ever. Don't take my word for it though, try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed." Cath Lost 23.0 Pounds (New Zealand)
"I am grateful to Leslie and Aaron for this program. It has taught me to slow down and love my body right where I am today. It has taught me that goals and focus are great, but it's important that we enjoy the process. It has taught me that food is to be enjoyed. I know how to shift any further weight that I wish to lose. Instead of ignoring the scales as I did for so many years I look forward to my daily weight because I know I am now in control of where I want to be." Chantelle Lost 26.5 Pounds (New Zealand)
"It took me a week before I started to relax into the plan and trust it. It was a very intense experience for me physically and emotionally. I lost such a lot of weight and I was amazed that my body coped remarkably well. Spiritually, I now feel much closer to my true self and much happier and, of course, much lighter." Sally Lost 31.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)

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