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Cura Romana values the privacy of our visitors/customers. We take every known precaution to safeguard personal information from unauthorized use and keep such information confidential. When users submit sensitive information via their information is sent securely. The following is a detailed explanation of our privacy policy.


Cura Romana believes it is important for you to know what types of information we collect when you use our site. We do not collect any information from visitors to our site without their expressed permission. If visitors to our site choose to join Cura Romana's Newsletter or RSS Feed, we use a double opt-in procedure for your safely and protection. You may cancel at anytime and your email address will no longer be stored. We never share your information or email address with anyone. We do not store any form of financial data. If you choose to become a participant on any Cura Romana Program, we will retain certain personal information for shipping and contact purposes. Once you have joined a program your confidential daily reports are sent and stored securely and are only viewable by our trained Cura Romana staff.


Our checkout procedure is handled by PayPal directly using 128 bit SSL encryption in the checkout procedure to ensure that any sensitive information sent by you via the Internet is protected from unauthorized interception. Cura Romana's own SSL Certificate is guaranteed by GoDaddy. We maintain a rigorous hiring process to screen out potential employees with criminal backgrounds. All our employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids them from disclosing any information to which they may have access with any other individuals or entities. We have back-up servers and power supplies to guard against power outages and other natural occurrences that might potentially pose a threat to the integrity of your personal information.


Only Leslie Kenton and her team have access to your personal reports and information. Additionally, employees in our shipping department will have access to your name and address for shipping purposes only. In order to process your credit card we have to consult with an outside credit card processing company. These processing companies are regulated by the banking industry and must meet certain security requirements in order to be in business. The processing companies will have temporary access to your credit card information, billing address, name, and possibly your telephone number. The processing company will then communicate with your credit card's issuing bank in order to get final approval to charge your credit card for the product or services we are providing for you. Finally, should our company ever be bought or sold, your account information would then become the property of the new owner/entity. Should the company be bought or sold, we will take reasonable steps to notify you personally. You will then be given the option to keep your account open or to terminate.


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. However, if any changes do occur, we will publish the changes on our website and post a notice on the home page that a new privacy policy has been implemented.

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