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Our Essential Spray

The natural and safe companion for no-hunger weight loss, internal cleansing and radiant health

What is the Essential Spray?

Cura Romana’s natural, vibrational essence has been specially formulated and highly tested for its ability to support weight loss and high-level wellbeing. Participants report it also helps create a sense of powerful connections with your innate self—physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is completely free of synthetic fragrances and colours. It suitable for vegetarians.

This product, has been used and tested for more than six years on Cura programs. It plays a vital role in our science-based no-hunger Cura Programs. It helps your body restore balance to its control centers, clear addictions, rejuvenate and regenerate. It can be a lot of fun to experience its gifts too.

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Cura Romana is like no other program I've ever encountered. I had severely high blood pressure problems with doctors telling me I would have to be on medication for life, otherwise face the high possibility of a heart attack or stroke. After trying numerous other programs Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana was the only course/program that worked for me. Cura Romana has helped me with blood pressure normalization, weightloss, better stress management, and general better wellness in health and spirit. It's far more than weightloss. This program is an education in itself. It's taught me things about myself that I should have already known and did not!! Not only has it changed my life for the better, I also believe it probably saved my life. This program is 10 out of 10." Gerard Lost 30.0 Pounds (New Zealand)
"It is impossible to say just how impactful Cura Romana can be on your life. It is utterly amazing how simple, effective and calming Cura Romana is. I am just coming to the end of my second Cura Romana journey and I'm 50 pounds lighter and healthier and more vital in every way. It's the only diet that works at a deep enough level to be truly sustainable. It gives you the chance to take full control of your health and food choices. In short, Cura Romana can set you free!" Jonathan Lost 50.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"When I first learned about Cura Romana I was only interested in weight loss. I read on the Cura Romana website about other benefits of being on the Essential Spray+Food Plan and took in all the testimonials but I remained skeptical. I'd read some of Leslie's books, had practiced what she preached and been happy with the results so I decided to trust her again and began my Cura Romana journey. After a period of tiredness to begin with, a little bit of stomach irritation and some hunger I began to feel energy and vitality come back. My friends said I looked radiant. And along with this came a feeling of calm and equilibrium, and then a new feeling - a sense of catching hold of who I really was (and this may sound corny) the inner me joining the outer me so that the disparity between the two began to narrow, and a sense of inner truth emerged. And there's an added bonus, those changes also gave me a different and much more comfortable, positive, confident body image. Most important of all I began to experience insights and changes, all of them positive in my life." Penny Lost 35.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"I am on my sixth day of Essential Spray + Food Plan and I am feeling great. My hunger is completely gone. The skin on my face and body feels so hydrated that I don't even need a moisturizer! I'm so amazed! Cura Romana is something so special and unique. The wonderful thing is that I don't even feel that I'm on a strict diet. I am getting more energized each day and most of the energy comes from my own inessential fat. How good can it get?" Dianna Lost 15.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana has brought me clarity of mind, improved self-image and greater self-confidence than ever. The program is easier to stick to than you would ever imagine, and the results are so positive and so fast that continuing with it becomes a joy." Anne-Marie Lost 35.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)

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