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Diet that works

It works
Dianne lost 5.95 kg

The most recurrent reviews that we get on Amazon are “it works!” and for us, there is no better appreciation than that!

Once you’ve purchased a program from us, you then dedicate many hours to it over many weeks, and we want to make absolutely sure that this is a diet that works for you ; that all the time, effort and money that you have dedicated to this will pay, in the short and in the long term.

You might think “Of course they would say that”, and it is understandable: there are so many diets out there that do NOT work and of course claim otherwise, for pure marketing reasons. Or you are questioning YOUR ability to succeed because you have tried other diets in the past that did NOT work. I hear that a lot from the people I have been coaching through the years. But they quickly discover that they were not the ones to blame: it was the method they were using that was faulty. Not them!

We are very aware that, by following a Cura Romana protocol, you are giving us a lot of your time and resources, and you are entrusting us with one of your most intimate goals: feel good in your body. Mentoring you to fulfill this aspiration is an honor and a privilege that we take very seriously.

Cura Romana, “Finally, a diet that works!”

We would like to share reviews that we hope might inspire you. All of these reviews have been published on Amazon where we have an average of 4.9 out of 5 customer satisfaction and you are very welcome to check them directly on their website. We are happy and proud to share some of the stories and appreciation from the people who have joined Cura Romana over the years :

enormous relief
“I have done the program and have been amazed at the results. Initially I thought it sounded a bit too good to be true. Aaron & Leslie makes some very high claims: rapid and safe weight loss, no cravings, increased well-being including increased energy, awareness and clarity, and long-term stabilisation of weight loss. Sounds like a dream! Well, surprisingly, shockingly: it works! It's like a whole new chapter in the world of healthy nutrition. I am one of those people that has tried pretty much every diet there is on the planet. They usually promise a lot but don't deliver. This is quite different. Of course with every diet there are two elements, clarifying what you are meant to eat and dealing with cravings to eat other things that you are not meant to eat. With Cura Romana, the cravings just aren't there. That's what makes it completely different from anything else I have ever tried. Thank you Leslie & Aaron! (I lost 28 pounds by the way)”
United Kingdom
a transforming experience
“The system works on everyone - me, in my 60s, now wearing size 14 jeans for the first time in 30 years, (gosh its great not to have to describe myself as a fat person anymore!) my husband, who was highly skeptical - a friend in our village who lost 2 stone in 42 days and looks wonderful, and her 30 year old son who did the same thing.”
United Kingdom
it works!
“I never felt hungry! It requires discipline but it works! And the effects are immediate and long term. And there were no negative side effects! I am not a diet person but this program felt right and I was amazed by the results. Leslie has spent her life studying health, food and diet and I was totally comfortable putting myself in her hands. Thanks Leslie & Aaron and Cura Romana!”
United Kingdom
the proof of the pudding!
“The plan works in a way which has to be seen to be believed - if you want to experience it, even better! Having completed the program in September I am now more in tune with my physical health than I have been for decades. I personally wouldn't have undertaken such a significant program without being coached through the process and I'm incredibly grateful to Leslie and Aaron for the superb program and support. Vitally this program is a re-education and could revolutionize the whole weightloss industry. It does require self-responsibility, but if you're up to the task you will have a renewed relationship with your body and yourself.”
United Kingdom
leslie kenton's cura romana
“I would highly recommend it to anyone, and it is not just a diet but a treatment for obesity, that is so prevalent in our society today - this needs to be put on the NHS - it is a truly wonderful treatment and it works... without any crazy eating fads... just straight forward healthy eating. This works really well alongside Leslie & Aaron's excellent mentoring via the audios every day, if you want to lose weight, get healthy, and want to be full of energy and joie de vivre, then do this weightloss plan, you are in very safe hands.”
United Kingdom
truly sustainable
“I am just coming to the end of my second Cura Romana journey and I'm 50 pounds lighter and healthier and more vital in every way. It's the only diet that works at a deep enough level to be truly sustainable. It gives you the chance to take full control of your health and food choices. ”
United Kingdom

We have hundreds of testimonial like the few that we have just shared with you, and you are very welcome to browse through more of them on our website homepage , or, even better, directly on Amazon.

For the “statistic buffs” among you, we have also created a whole page dedicated to statistics that you can check out there : you will learn that Cura is a diet that works for everyone : men, women, over 60, under 40, people who only need to lose a few pounds, people who need to lose over 30 …

Why is Cura Romana a diet that works?

Cura Romana is not based on a “calories in” / “calories out” approach. We have all heard of people around us who spend months counting each and every calorie that they allegedly “burn” or “put in”, losing some weight for some time, only to regain all of it, and often more, within a few months.

Cura Romana is not a diet that works like that. Some even might say that it is not actually a diet, but more of a holistic program that resets your relationship to food in a very deep way, learning about the foods that work for you (that you love, that make you feel energized and balanced) and those that don’t (that drain you and may even contribute to feelings of anxiety, or depression). Following this program will shift your understanding of your own body. You will come to understand that it is not about willpower, restraint or “force” ; it is a much more subtle, gentler and symbiotic relationship than that, a bit like a dance, of your spirit, with your own beautiful body.

How does it work?

Cura is a 9 or 12 week protocol divided into 2 parts : Essential Spray + Food Plan & Consolidation.

Essential Spray + Food Plan

This is the fat-shedding part of the program. You follow an intermittent fasting meal plan with little or no hunger for 24 to 45 days (depending on how many kilos you wish to lose). During this part your body burns unwanted fat.

The Food Plan + Essential Spray (that allows the body to tap into its own in-essential fat stores) direct your metabolism via a signalling pathway in the diencephalon, providing you with the energetic nourishment you need.

This part supports your body in detoxifying fat soluble toxins you may be carrying along with inflammation/fluid retention your body may be holding onto. It also encourages your body to rebalance the centre of appetite control and fat-burning while enhancing well-being all round.


Often, people are looking for the perfect human way to eat out there, but let me share a secret with you: there is no such thing. Or, at least, there is not one way to eat that works for everybody. Consolidation is made for testing foods and discovering what works for you. It is the most important part of your Cura program and it is what makes Cura Romana a diet that works long term. It presents you with a unique opportunity: 6 weeks to find out which foods your body loves and which foods it loves less - or even literally “hates” - without undermining your health and vitality.

You’ll discover that you can eat freely of the foods your body loves so long as you steer clear, or get only very occasionally of those it doesn’t (in social occasions, family gatherings …) . Eating the foods your body loves maintains the metabolic rebalance, fosters high level health long-term and protects you from having to wrestle with unwanted weight gain in the future.

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