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Authentic weight loss

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Leslie Kenton’s Cura Romana® has proudly supported 20,000+ weight loss journeys over the past 16 years. With an overall average weight loss of -27.03 lb for women and -35.44 lb for men.
(based on 45 days of the weight loss protocol)
The average daily weight loss for all participants on Cura Romana over the last 16 years is:
-0.60 lb
for women
-0.79 lb
for men
(updated every 30 days)
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Cura Romana Leslie Kenton
I started this 2-weeks ago and have lost 5kg, with another 5 to go. I also bought the book, which I think you need as I have referred back to it alot. You need to have space for this diet in your schedule as it is the most strict diet I have ever been on, but it works and if you stick to it the weight flies off. Its working wonders, I have felt tired, but the results are worth it. It has stopped my 'few' glasses of wine habit in the evening as well, so feeling good about the detox. Thoroughly recommend but you have to have space for the regime, I waited 4-weeks before starting as we had visitors/holidays and I could not have fitted in. Plus you have to change some beauty products/soaps and buy certain stuff in. So not a cheap fix, but I am really pleased with the results in just 2-weeks.
G Dubai
Yesterday’s Average Daily Weight Loss from all participants on the program
17th of July 2024 (updated every 12 hours)
-0.78 lb
for women
-1.00 lb
for men
How does it work?

Cura Romana is a natural weight control programme that addresses weight loss and health at all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual.

Conventional diets leave you hungry, weak and haggard—whereas Cura's Food Plan and Essential Spray help the body turn abnormal, shape-distorting fat into energy, without undermining bone, muscle or metabolism.

What does Cura involve?

Cura programs involve two key elements: the Essential Spray and a specific dietary protocol.

Essential Spray

Cura’s Essential Spray is a natural, vibrational essence specially formulated and highly tested for its ability to support your weight loss and health. It allows the body to tap into it's own in-essential fat stores (which are often inaccessible in those who struggle to lose weight) and use them for vital energy. Through this process the Essential Spray also support the body to detoxify fat soluble toxins trapped within the in-essential fat stores.

Participants report it also helps create a powerful sense of connection with their innate self—physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is completely free of synthetic fragrances and colours.

Food Plan

The Cura dietary protocol consists of eating protein foods like beef, fish, chicken - plus green vegetables, and a couple of pieces of fruit each day.

By restricting the caloric intake and keeping the macros (protein, carbohydrates and fats) in a very particular ratio it allows the essential spray to tap into your own energy reserves (in-essential fat stores) and use them for fuel.

Through this process you are able to get almost all your energy needs from your reserves rather than from the 500 calories you are consuming.

What are the reported benefits of Cura?

The men and women who have taken Cura, report the following benefits:

  • Need for less sleep
  • End to addictions
  • End to emotional eating
  • End to food cravings
  • End to unnatural hunger
  • Appetite normalised
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Better quality sleep
  • Better skin
  • Blood pressure normalised
  • Blood sugar stabilised
  • Excellent emotional balance
  • loss of fat deposits on ‘problem areas’
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Improved body shape
  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased vitality
  • Lessening of aches and pains
  • Lessening of menstrual problems
  • Life transformation
How is Cura structured?

Cura is a 9 or 12 week protocol divided into 2 parts.

For those who have less than 15 pounds to lose (7kg) then the 9 week protocol is best (known as 24 days of weight loss) and for those who have more weight to lose the 12 week program is best (known as 45 days of weight loss)

The two part of the program are the Essential Spray + Food Plan & Consolidation.

Essential Spray + Food Plan
(weight loss)

This is the fat-shedding part of the program. You follow a strictly defined food allowance with little or no hunger. During this part your body burns unwanted fat.

The Essential Spray+Food Plan directs your metabolism via a signalling pathway in the diencephalon, providing you with the energetic nourishment you need. On the Protocol, your body will be turning somewhere between 1,500 and 4,000 calories per day from your in-essential fat stores into fuel for energy.

This part also support your body in detoxifying fat soluble toxins you may be carrying along with inflammation/fluid retention your body may be holding onto. It also encourage your body to rebalance the centre of appetite control and fat-burning while enhancing well-being all round.

(making it last)

When you enter Consolidation your body is cleaner, leaner, and highly responsive. You have learned to honor your body and to listen to its needs.

Consolidation is a time of testing and discovering those foods that work for you and those that don’t. It is the most important part of your Cura program. It presents you with a unique opportunity: Time to find out which foods your body loves and which foods it literally “hates” without undermining your health and vitality.

You’ll discover that you can eat freely of the foods your body loves so long as you steer clear of those it hates. Eating the foods your body loves maintains the metabolic rebalance, fosters high level health longterm and protects you from having to wrestle with unwanted weight gain in the future.

Our programs

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what you get
  • The Essential sprays needed to complete your program
  • Access to Leslie Kenton New Cura Romana Weightloss plan book (pdf, ebook, kindle)
  • Access to our web app to track every aspect of your program to support your progress
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
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what you get
  • Everything on the Basic program
  • Lifetime access to all the resources of the program (videos, audios, articles)
  • Daily audio messages to support your success
  • Two kitchen sections full of recipes
  • Help section for on-demand support
  • Access to support
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
+ free standard shipping
Inner Circle
what you get
  • Everything on the Journey program
  • Work closely with Aaron Kenton
  • tailored program to your personal needs
  • active responses by audio message three times a week to make any adjustment to the program and support your individual needs
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
+ free standard shipping
About Us

Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana – The Roman Cure – was originally inspired by the work of British scientist and physician, ATW Simeons, whose work was published in The Lancet more than half a century ago. However, the transformation it offers for weight and body, health, emotional balance and spiritual growth is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

A distinguished Bavarian doctor, world expert in live cell therapy – and good friend – introduced Leslie to Cura Romana over 20 years ago. Having wrestled with her own weight since adolescence, she decided to try it. As soon as she did, Leslie knew she had stumbled upon an extraordinary program that worked wonders.

Aaron Kenton

Aaron created the Cura online weight loss programme. Intrigued by Leslie’s own journey, and spurred by his passion for natural health, he wanted to share the benefits of Cura worldwide. Aaron understands that the body has the ability and the wisdom to heal itself by restoring it’s natural balance. Cura Romana has been the most powerful tool he has discovered for restoring that balance to the body allowing it not only to heal but to thrive. Aaron has a background in filmmaking and graphic design, and web development and a passion for health.

Aaron has worked with and coached people on Cura Romana for the last 8 years.

Aaron is constantly developing the program. Making it easier to use and adding new information/techniques and tools to support each participant's program.

Leslie Kenton

Award-winning writer, broadcaster and novelist, Leslie Kenton is well-known in the English-speaking world for no-nonsense, in-depth reporting. Published by Penguin Random House UK, she is the author of more than thirty-five best-selling books on health, beauty and spirituality. Her work is regularly translated into other languages. According to London’s Time Out, “If there is one expert who can genuinely be described as pioneering and visionary, it is Leslie Kenton.”

Before Leslie's passing in 2016 her approach to wellbeing had always combined natural health with cutting-edge science. She looked upon the techniques and information she shared with others as practical tools enabling people to realise their innate potentials for energy, health and personal freedom.

After years of extensive research and development, Cura now stands on the shoulders of Simeons’ original work. Aaron and Leslie have taken Cura to a whole new level thanks to new findings about insulin resistance, blood sugar issues and food addictions in relation to weight gain and weight loss.

“The Kenton's have moved Simeons' work in a new direction by making remarkable new discoveries available to a great many people... they have engaged knowledgeable experts to assist in further developing the protocol.”

Leon Hammer MD


Joining Cura:

How do I know which program is right for me?

There are three Cura programs (each with two options: 24 or 45 days of weight loss)

The basic program is the most cost effective. If you are comfortable with the protocol and feel you can do it on your own then this is most likely the best option for you

The journey program give you lifetime access to all the additional resources for the program (audio, videos, articles ) as well as daily motivational audio messages to help keep you on track and teach you about making the changes in your body last. If you chose the journey program and at some point in the future wish to do the program again all you need is to purchase the sprays and all the resources and new materials will be available to you. This is our most popular option

The Inner Circle program has all of the benefits of the journey program plus you work personally with Aaron who will be your guide through the program to answer any questions you may have. Every 2 days he will send you a personal audio message based on your reports and program and make any adjustment that can help support you better. The Inner Circle has only a few places each month as he wants to make sure he can dedicate the time to support you fully.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will have access to your Preparation section that will help you get ready for your program while your wait for your Essential Sprays to arrive in the post. The Preparation section and the cura book (available as PDF, kindle and ebook) guides you through the first steps you need to get started on the program. Once the box with your sprays arrive you can use the activation card inside the box to start your program.

Do I need to start the program immediately?

You can start the program whenever you are ready, there is no hurry. Once you are ready there is a section called "Start". From here you can trigger the start of your program.

Can I change programs after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade your program. However it is best that you try to decide which program is right for you before you begin. If you do wish to upgrade your program from the Journey Program to the Inner Circle Program you may do so providing you have not yet started your program.

If you would like to upgrade your program from the 24 day to the 45 day you may do so by purchasing an additional box of sprays (which you will need to complete the 45 days of weight loss) and use the activation code in the box. This can be done at any time before you enter into the Consolidation part of the program

Unfortunately, we are unable to downgrade your program.

What items do I need to have for my Cura program?

Here is a list of the things you will need to gather before starting your Cura program:

  • A digital kitchen scale to weigh your proteins
  • A digital bathroom scale to weigh your body each morning
  • A package of bowel tea (such as Smooth Move Tea by Traditional Medicinals) to use only when you need it to prevent constipation
  • Vitamin C – You will need to take 3 x 1000mg (1gram) capsules of Vitamin C each day
  • You will need a good source of fibre such as organic psyllium husks either in capsule form (4 to 6 capsules each morning with lots of water) or 1 rounded teaspoon of Psyllium Husk Fibre mixed with a glass of water each morning and drunk immediately.
  • A skin lotion or cream based entirely on minerals to use as skin and body lotion. You can use baby oil if you like or liquid paraffin from your pharmacist – but QV lotion and other QV products are the best in the world. You cannot use anything on your skin containing animal or vegetable oils.
Will I be hungry on Cura?

It would be natural for you to feel a little hungry before lunch and dinner, although some people report days when they do not even experience this. Everyone is different. About 60% of people report little or no significant hunger right from the very first day. Others report feeling low to moderate levels of hunger off and on for the first few days as the body shifts its functioning. However, it is extremely rare for anyone to experience strong hunger during the protocol.

Is Cura Romana some kind of magic wand?

No, it is not. Cura Romana can only do its work if you are willing to work with it to make sure that you follow the protocol exactly right through the program. It is the partnership that is formed between you and the program that makes permanent weight loss happen.

Participant suitability

Does Cura work for men?

Yes, it works superbly well. We work with men all over the world with fabulous results. They lose weight much faster than women do.

Do I have to be very fat for the program to work or can I do it just to help reshape my body?

This is an effective protocol for anyone over 18 years of age who carries body-distorting abnormal fat deposits. Even if you need to shed only 10 or 15 pounds you can use Cura Romana to reshape your body and enhance your health.

Can my teenage son or daughter do the program?

Provided they are over 18, yes. The program is not designed for anyone under the age of 18. They can do the program so long as they are genuinely motivated to do so. You must never try to press the program on anyone who is not absolutely committed to joining Cura Romana. That would be an infringement of their personal freedom to choose. It could also encourage them to fail.

Health Concerns:

Should I tell my doctor what I am doing?

If you are on any prescription medication, it is important that you let your doctor or health professional know that you intend to join Cura Romana. He or she will need to check whether the dosage of any medication you are on needs to be adjusted as you progress on your Cura Romana Program. So improved are many people's health parameters that doctors frequently want to reduce the dosage of medications they had been prescribing.

If you suffer from gout, gallstones, diabetes, or have recently been treated for a coronary occlusion, it is essential your doctor monitors progress while you are on the program. These conditions are not contraindications for Cura Romana, but in such cases the protocol needs to be carried out under the watchful eye of a wise health professional.

Do I need to exercise?

No. Weight loss on Cura Romana does not depend on exercise. It takes place because of shifts in metabolic functions whether or not you exercise.

Can I continue to take my medications?

Yes. It is important that you consult with your doctor or health care practitioner before discontinuing any medication. That being said, if you are on medication for diabetes, depression, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc, it is essential that your health care professional monitors the changes in the medical parameters on which the dosages of your drugs have been based. The improvements in these areas that take place on Cura Romana can happen rapidly. Your doctor will not want you to be taking more of any medication than you need.

How safe is the Essential Spray?

The Essential Spray vibrational essence used in Cura Romana is a safe and very stable compound. People who have used both the Essential Spray and injectable hCG report that there is no difference between them in terms of the weight loss. The advantages of the Essential Spray are many. They include not having to have injections and being able to carry your Essential Spray around with you so that you can use it four times a day, even if you are out and about. Perhaps the most interesting and valuable advantage of all is that the Essential Spray brings a tremendous sense of lightness and transformation to people mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many tell us that it not only helps reshape their bodies, it reshapes their whole lives. Again and again we hear that they have never felt as well physically or as good about themselves as after Cura Romana.

Are there clinical complications from using Cura Romana?

Not when it is used correctly. As far as the Essential Spray vibrational essence is concerned, there have been no complications reported by anyone using it.

What can I do for dry skin?

Use QV Lotion-the very best in the world while on Essential Spray + Food Plan-or baby oil, simple mineral oil or liquid paraffin. These contain no animal or vegetable fats. You can also get yourself some plain Aloe Vera gel (make sure there are no oils mixed with it). You want the kind that can be taken orally. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz your skin with it. Use petroleum jelly for dry lips. Be patient. My own legs felt like alligator skin for the first week or so whilst on the protocol. That is how I discovered QV Lotion. I ordered some, but by the time it arrived my skin had become as smooth as a child's thanks to the way my body had readjusted during the program. QV also do an excellent bath oil and a QV cream, both of which work beautifully on the Essential Spray + Food Plan part of the program. Once you enter Consolidation you can go back to using whatever you like.

What about wrinkles and stretch marks?

On Cura Romana abnormal fat deposits diminish. The program does not deplete structural and essential tissue necessary to maintain healthy body function, as do many ordinary weight loss diets. The body rejuvenates itself both inside and out, giving people on the program a fresh, glowing appearance. Skin becomes more toned through the process.

Foods and weight loss:

Do I have to eat the full amount of food every day?

Simeons says, "Those not uncommon patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish." That being said, it is my experience that it is important for everyone to eat their protein foods and green vegetables twice a day. Weight loss is better when you do. You can eliminate the grissini with no problem. And, if you are genuinely not hungry and feeling well, you can certainly skip the odd meal if you like. What you must not ever do is stop eating for a couple of days or more in the belief that this will help you lose weight faster. It won't. That could actually slow your weight loss and make you unwell.

Can I drink coffee?

Simeons allowed his patients to drink as much coffee as they wanted. But that was more than 50 years ago before insulin resistance, leptin resistance and food intolerance burgeoned to epidemic proportions as a result of all the grain-based carbs, sugars, junk fats and convenience foods our society feeds on. I strongly advise anyone going on Cura Romana to stop drinking coffee altogether before beginning the protocol. At the very least, I suggest you limit yourself to one cup a day. There are several reasons for this:

  • Coffee can slow or halt weigh loss in 80% of people on the program because of the way it triggers blood sugar and insulin release.
  • It depletes B vitamins important for energy as well as good brain and nervous system functioning.
  • It undermines adrenal functioning and can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

Coffee does not provide you with energy. What it's providing is chemical stimulation. The perceived "energy" comes from your body's struggle to adapt to increased blood levels of stress hormones, which coffee consumption engenders. In most cases this induced emergency state leads to well-defined side effects. Collectively they are known as caffeinism. Ironically, caffeinism is characterized most by fatigue.

Most important of all: One of the greatest gifts of Cura is the way it helps you connect with your own natural source of vitality from within. Drinking coffee on the program only defers your being able to do this. Please remember: Everything you need is inside you. You want to tap into that font of endless vitality within you and come to live from that year after year.


How long will it take before I begin to see and feel results?

By the end of the first week on Cura Romana your body may begin to reveal a new sleek, toned appearance and feel. By then, you are likely also to sense a new balance in your emotions and the beginnings of a new outlook on your body and your life.

I’ve been on diets before, I’m worried that this one won’t work either.

If you have struggled with your weight in the past you probably have four things in common with the rest of us: Your metabolic processes are sluggish; you are often hungry; you eat when you are not hungry; you worry about losing fat from the wrong places. The goal of Cura Romana is to help your body restore good metabolic processes. If you follow the protocol to the letter, trust your body and let go, your body can begin to rebalance itself. Then you will not feel abnormal hunger, food cravings will begin to melt away, and your system will steadily burn the fat you don't want.

When I have lost weight before I have always put it all back on again.

Many weight loss diets result in a loss of muscle tissue and a consequent lowering of metabolic rate. With each failed diet, this meant that it took fewer and fewer calories for you to regain the weight you lost. In effect your metabolic chemistry went into "conservation mode", making it harder and harder to lose weight. Cura Romana does not cause a loss of muscle tissue. Instead, it helps your body to shift its metabolic functioning into a dynamic mode where your body is burning stored fat and producing energy. Once your body has restored its natural ability to turn the food you eat into energy, you will not be in danger of putting the weight back on-so long as you eat the things your body loves and completely avoid the foods it hates. Cura's unique Consolidation process is all about you finding out what your body thrives on.

Are there other bonuses from doing the protocol than weight loss?

Yes. People often feel great both during and after the program. They report that they don't experience the irritability or weakness common to many weight loss diets. They look years younger. The majority of people sleep better, yet many people find that they need to sleep less. They feel more alive, and more in tune with themselves. Cura appears to regenerate the body's essential fat tissues-the structural fat around organs and fat deposits-and other fat stores which are essential for health, but which never distort the shape of the body and help protect us in times of famine. This makes your skin, face, neck and hands look renewed and glowing. Most conventional weight loss diets take away structural fat as well as inessential fat. It is this which creates the sunken, hollow appearance and the deep fatigue common with yo-yo dieters. On Cura people report having more energy, a decreased appetite and fewer food cravings than ever before.

Will my metabolism slow down on Cura Romana?

No. Cura Romana is not like most weight loss diets which compromise muscle and bone and cause metabolism to slow down. It draws energy from, and only burns up, your inessential fat stores, not your muscle tissue.

Won't I lose the same amount of weight just eating a very low calorie diet without the Spray?

You might well lose the same amount of weight eating fewer calories, but you would need to exert phenomenal willpower. This would be highly dangerous. Never even try it. And you would lose much from your essential fat stores which we need for health. This is what makes people look haggard and feel weak on conventional weight loss diets. They lose both muscle and bone before the body turns to inessential fat stores, as one does on Cura Romana. Such diets slow metabolism, predisposing people to regain weight afterwards and lay down more body-distorting abnormal fat stores in the process. The Essential Spray together with the exacting Food Plan helps the body turn abnormal, shape-distorting fat into energy so you can shed only inessential fat stores without undermining bone, muscle or metabolism.

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