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how to make a raw nutritious whole meal salad quickly

I thought I might share my technique for making really delicious and super simple wholemeal salads. This technique I have used for the last 20 odd years and has pretty much been my first meal of the day (which is usually lunch) over that time and I have never gotten bored. But I have gotten nourished.

This has been enough of a passion of mine that when I was at university in my early 20s I had considered opening up a raw food salad bar in my hometown. The reason being was that despite all of the amazing raw vegetables and fruits that could be used, the majority of people's salads tended to consist of stringy carrot, sliced tomato and watery flavourless lettuce. This also meant that in order to cover up the horrible taste many would use creamy sugary dressing to at least make it palatable so that they could feel virtuous about eating (kind of) healthy.

Although thankfully this has changed over the years with the raw energy revolution that was originally started by Leslie Kenton, I am still surprised that when I will visit someone's home and they pull out their side salad, that it largely consists of those same flavourless ingredients.

So what I have done here is not so much given a recipe but given my technique for making salads that really are simple and delicious and providing you get creative never get boring.

I am really not kidding when I say that I have one of these pretty much every single day for the last 20 odd years. This is because there is no other food that I have found that makes my body feel as good as eating these salads. They give me high energy and strong vibrancy through out my body.

I hope you try it for yourself and see how you feel. The main thing is to get creative and try new things, but always letting whatever dressings you use enhance the flavour of the fruits and vegetables and not to try and hide their taste. If you're trying to hide the taste then you're using the wrong ingredients.

I hope you enjoy.

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