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making a healthy pizza from scratch in 30 minutes or less

Pizza was always an old favourite of mine although I virtually never had it growing up. The only time that I did really have pizza was by going out with friends from boarding school to Pizza Hut to enjoy something that seemed rather rebellious and fun.

I largely stayed away from pizza after high school because anything that I would order from some pizza chain would not make me feel great after I ate it and the only other option I had was to make pizza dough from scratch (which I have to say I have never done in my life) or to buy some form of frozen pizza base at the supermarket (but reading the list of ingredients in the base would make you question if this is actually considered food) which you can then use to make your own. So believing that these were my only choices I had largely stayed away from making any kind of pizza.

I was introduced to green banana flour as a great form of resistant starch. I think my first reaction was a laugh out loud "oh dear here comes another alternative flour that will probably just make me feel worse than regular wheat flour".

As it turns out my body absolutely fell in love with it. I found myself making pancakes and burger buns using this macrobiome friendly flour.

So through my experimentation I was able to find a way to make a pizza base using only two ingredients that can be made from scratch in about 10 minutes. My hope in doing this short video is to give you an alternative to those moments of "I'm so hungry, I'm so tired but I don't want to cook let's just order takeaway".

So I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to hearing all of the fun and exciting toppings you come up with when making your very own green banana flour pizza from scratch.

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