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Interview with Gemma Mc Donnell - overcoming Lyme disease using Cura Romana

Gemma McDonnell Shares Remarkable $Cura Romana$ Story to Overcome Lyme Disease

Today I have for you an interview with Gemma McDonnell. Who has a remarkable story to share with you of her Cura Romana program. She has been on the inner circle program twice. Once with myself and once with Leslie. Using the Cura Romana protocol she has been able to overcome her Lyme disease.

Through the process of working with Gemma we have become close friends and collaborators in sharing knowledge about how to support people's health naturally. This has been a fascinating process for both of us which has also led to a joining of forces to offer a programme that combines both her work with her company Focus Health and with Cura Romana. This has allowed us to be able to really help support some of the more significant health challenges that participants have been faced with.

This is the first interview in a series of interviews with Gemma. In this episode Gemma largely tells her own story of Cura Romana and how it has helped her to overcome her health difficulties surrounding Lyme's disease. In future episodes we will be taking more of a deep dive into some of the protocols that she uses at focus health. Some of which I am very familiar with and have used myself and some that are relatively new to me. I do hope you enjoy this first interview.

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