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ozone therapy - a powerhouse for healing

Explore Ozone Therapy & It's Non-Invasive Healing Benefits w/ Gemma

In this episode of the Cura podcast, I speak with Gemma about ozone therapy, more specifically about the HOCATT, which is a very powerful ozone sauna. This particular sauna makes use of many different healing modalities within a single session. I have personally used one for close to 3 years and I have been amazed at the power it has for healing the body, but most importantly of just how non-invasive it is.

I have been a big fan of ozone therapy and have used it in almost every way possible for about 20 years. This has included such techniques as intravenous, a method that was taught to me by two separate doctors. I have been very grateful for intravenous ozone as it has made significant improvements in some health issues that I was struggling to overcome in my early twenties. This method can be very safe if you are under the guidance of an experienced ozone doctor or health care practitioner. However, I do not believe that anything that invasive is necessary, with the exception of life threatening circumstances. This is why I was so excited to find this particular ozone sauna. From my experience, it is as powerful as intravenous ozone, without ever having to be invasive to the body.

I have many concerns about the company that makes this particular product, but the device is very profound in its healing ability. So, in this episode, Gemma and I speak in detail about the different modalities that are offered within this unit and how it can be supportive for individual health, to restore vitality and to really help the body to clear out toxicity with relative grace and ease.

There is a lot of fear around ozone and ozone therapy. Most of it is unnecessary and can make people shy away from its simple and clean way to super oxygenate the body. I hope this episode will help you have a better understanding of ozone therapy and what it might be able to offer, as an alternative support to restore balance and help us to thrive in a significantly toxic world.

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