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what is Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or mHBOT?

In this week's episode of the Cura podcast, we are covering mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This form of therapy has been more and more in the headlines because it has allowed hyperbaric oxygen to become readily available with the creation of the 1.3 atm and the 1.5 atm chambers. With these mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers it removes a lot of the complications of the high pressured chambers as well as the expense. Making it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of the increased oxygen saturation in the areas of the body where it is most needed.

For myself, I have only recently become a convert to this form of therapy. In this case I seemed to fall into the same trap that many people find themselves, where if we don't know enough about something or haven't experienced it for ourselves then we tend to be down on it. I think this is probably something all of us have experienced at some point.

For many years I have used what is known as EWOT training, or exercising with oxygen therapy. This form of training has a very similar action to hyperbaric oxygen but does require vigorous exercise to gain the benefits while breathing close to pure oxygen for short periods of time. When I was able to try the mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers for myself I realised how important they were for athletic recovery and for those that did not want to exercise or in many cases were actually struggling to be able to move. So the simplicity of being able to lie down or sit in a chamber that is filled with oxygen under pressure, that then allows a significant increase in oxygen saturation into the areas of the body that are most inflamed, and most starved of oxygen while you simple rest or read a book seems like a win win situation.

As I have mentioned before I have found that the best forms of healing modalities are those that are not invasive to the body. Modalities that are simple to use and very kind. There are many benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen and I personally find it a wonderful complement to the ozone therapy.

I hope you find this episode interesting.

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