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Cura Romana
fast, healthy weight loss


very good programme
very good programme. well structured
Cathy lost 7.60 kg
ahead of popular thinking
It works exactly as prescribed. Having done the course 4 times now, to lose 4 stone, I would like to coach others. I’ve followed Leslie since the first Joy of Beauty book and I trust her advice which has always been ahead of popular thinking.
Lisa lost 5.40 kg
United Kingdom
Research and use with intelligence
This has changed my life and showed me how to regain power over my health my shape and my wellbeing. A short review couldn't possibly cover all of what HCG can open up for you. It's not the end point though. For me it was the beginning of getting into my body and mind to free it up to feel comfortable in my skin. Stress poor diet genes hereditary and environmental causes lead to imbalance but mostly just not being in yourself enough to get why or what is changing. You can and should only do it if you have the time and sense to fully research the product the supporting supplements and understand your weight blood type and mental wellbeing. It's all naturally interlinked and unless you approach this with a mature committed head you aren't going to feel and see all the benefits. It's far more then just loosing weight!
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what you get
  • The Essential sprays needed to complete your program
  • Access to Leslie Kenton New Cura Romana Weightloss plan book (pdf, ebook, kindle)
  • Access to our web app to track every aspect of your program to support your progress
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
most popular
what you get
  • Everything on the Basic program
  • Lifetime access to all the resources of the program (videos, audios, articles)
  • Daily audio messages to support your success
  • Two kitchen sections full of recipes
  • Help section for on-demand support
  • Access to support
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
+ free standard shipping
Inner Circle
what you get
  • Everything on the Journey program
  • Work closely with Aaron Kenton
  • tailored program to your personal needs
  • active responses by audio message three times a week to make any adjustment to the program and support your individual needs
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
+ free standard shipping

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