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Leslie Kenton is a writer I trust - I have been inspired by her books for more than 20 years now. She explains quite touchingly that she has had issues around her weight since medical procedures in her teens left her with a faulty metabolism. She doesn't pretend to be a physician or a guru, but a fearlessly investigative journalist who needs help herself, so she explores the best options for health and weightloss and then writes a book about it for the rest of us. In "Cura Romana" she has found an amazing tool in the work of Dr Arthur Simeons who after many years of clinical research decided that the tendency to obesity was the product of a faulty system rather than just the result of gluttony, and worked out a program to cure it. What Leslie has done is synthesize this method, expand and bring it up to date, and, most importantly, hone the method for keeping the weight off for life. (Always the depressing issue for those of us who have yo-yo dieted for most of their adult lives.) I think this book is brilliant. The system works on everyone - me, in my 60s, now wearing size 14 jeans for the first time in 30 years, (gosh its great not to have to describe myself as a fat person anymore!) my husband, who was highly skeptical - a friend in our village who lost 2 stone in 42 days and looks wonderful, and her 30 year old son who did the same thing. Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana is much more than a diet book - it's a genuine tool for personal transformation. I'm only sorry her publisher puts a quote about it being a "craze" - it's far more important and profound than that. PS. How I wish it had been available 30 years ago!
Clancy lost 12.70 kg
United Kingdom
My third time on Cura Romana
The first two times I bought Cura Romana sprays to do the diet, I got them from Helios homeopathic pharmacy as I was put off by a couple of negative reviews here on Amazon about the quality amd taste of the spray. But this time, following a lot more recent postive reviews, I thought I'd give it a try from here and I am not disappointed - in fact I am sure it's the same product. The only disadvantage is that you have to buy two at a time here, whereas if you only need one, Helios will sell you just that, though will charge P&P on top. Note: Leslie Kenton tells you that you need two sprays per go, four times a day, but last time I did Cura Romana I discovered that I got exactly the same effects with just one spray - one pump instead of two I mean - under the tongue, in a clean mouth, and held for a few seconds before swallowing. After all, it's homeopathic, so less is more! As long as you get a good spray and contact under the tongue, one will achieve exactly the same results. I did my second Cura Romana protocol with only one bottle, which saved me £25. You will of course need more if you continue beyond the 3 1/2 weeks. If you are going to do this diet please note that you need to follow the protocol exactly and to the letter. I suspect that the few negative reviews for this product come from people who did not do so - it's easy to overlook something. Buy Leslie's book, follow the rules, it works like a dream. No hunger, rapid and safe weightloss, reshaping of your body and loss of those hard-to-shift wobbly bits. OK it's not well written nor laid out that well but it does contain all the information you need. Also read Dr Simeon's papers (the inventor of Cura Romana) online so that you understand the core principles. The only reason I am doing Cura Romana a third time is that after the second time I was unable to do the consolidation phase properly and after that I got cravings for the wrong things, then kind of gave up over winter, ate everything I shouldn't, and started putting the weight back on again. But I have never regained the weight lost from the first time around, and this time it's dropping again with ease - so far a steady 1lb a day (As a vegetarian and not very overweight in the first place, I never managed that quick a loss before). I expect to be at or close to my target weight after this go.
This Is An Excellent Product
This stuff is very good - and natural. Thank you for an excellent product. I can recommend it to anyone.
Elsabe Smit
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