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Cura Romana
fast, healthy weight loss


The word WILL spread!
Before beginning my Cura Romana Journey I was excited but not daring to hope that it would really work for me personally. I could see from the experience of others that it was genuinely effective but, of course, being at the time a pessimist, I was just bound to be the exception that proved the rule wasn't true. Still, I was hopeful enough that I was going to give it a go. In the end I lost 14 kilos. I can't recommend Cura Romana too much. It really is life-changing in so many ways. It represents freedom and the re-discovery of joy. It is a positive and very practical way to re-integrate ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe so much damage is caused by poor advice, miss-messages and commercial exploitation. Cura Romana should be on offer in every GP's surgery and Well Woman clinic in the land. The word WILL spread!
Geraldine lost 13.97 kg
United Kingdom
feels great!
It works well and feels great!
Suzan lost 8.44 kg
United States
It's a Miracle
If you haven't read the book and are researching the Cura Romana diet online, don't! Read the book and try the diet if you need to lose weight - it's given me a chance to actually lose weight in what felt like a very healthy way. I hope many people will be able to benefit from this product being sold on Amazon in the years to come. It gives a ray of hope to everything else that has seemed impossible.
Ms. Lm Kuppers
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  • The Essential sprays needed to complete your program
  • Access to Leslie Kenton New Cura Romana Weightloss plan book (pdf, ebook, kindle)
  • Access to our web app to track every aspect of your program to support your progress
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
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  • Everything on the Basic program
  • Lifetime access to all the resources of the program (videos, audios, articles)
  • Daily audio messages to support your success
  • Two kitchen sections full of recipes
  • Help section for on-demand support
  • Access to support
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
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Inner Circle
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  • Everything on the Journey program
  • Work closely with Aaron Kenton
  • tailored program to your personal needs
  • active responses by audio message three times a week to make any adjustment to the program and support your individual needs
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
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