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Cura Romana
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A Better Kind of Diet
As an energy medicine practitioner (specifically Chinese acupuncture) I was intrigued and cautiously delighted to find the Cura Romana diet which approaches weightloss multi-dimensionally rather than just physically. This was very attractive to me. I have my own weight issues (practitioners aren't immune lol) and I felt able to commit to this programme, even if only as an intriguing experiement. Frankly I'm delighted with the results. I didn't lose woodles of weight, but exactly as described, what I did lose came off my belly and my rump and I haven't got any nasty sagging as a result. Even more importantly, I absolutely know the homeopathic spray has played a defining role in this and I will definitely do it again. For me this offers a steady, sustainable and authentic way of reversing weight gain and improving health in a myriad of ways. It offers a way to clean up one's system on many levels with the weightloss almost a bonus. I didn't fnd it easy at first as the program requires strict adherence but the long term gain, for me at least, is priceless. It's also something I will also be happy to discuss with my patients, and as any of them would say, I'm a very cautious recommender.
P. M. Vickers
United Kingdom
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  • The Essential sprays needed to complete your program
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  • Everything on the Basic program
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  • Two kitchen sections full of recipes
  • Help section for on-demand support
  • Access to support
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4 Essential Sprays included
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  • Everything on the Journey program
  • Work closely with Aaron Kenton
  • tailored program to your personal needs
  • active responses by audio message three times a week to make any adjustment to the program and support your individual needs
2 Essential Sprays included
4 Essential Sprays included
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