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Cura Romana
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cura romana diet with leslie kenton
I completed the diet under the Kenton's supervision about 20 months ago. After cortisone treatment for asthma about ten years ago, I gained some 30 pounds, and despite various diets was unable to lose the last fifteeen. With Cura Romana I shed those persistent pounds effortlessly. More importantly, I have kept them off without being 'on a diet'. My body has truly and remarkably changed to the extent that food cravings are gone and I eat healthy foods in smaller amounts, because that satisfies my appetite, and that is what I now enjoy. In the past, I suffered fibromyalgia and other aches and pains. These are all gone. My system is so sensitized, that when I eat something not good for me I get immediate symptoms. This makes it easy to recognize and avoid such foods, not because I'm on a diet but because I know they don't agree with me. My digestive problems are also past history. I have not only lost weight, but I lost inches in precisely the places where they were unattractive. For the first time in my life I don't shrink from seeing myself in a mirror. The positive side effects of this diet were sufficiently profound, that I would agree with the reviewer who called it transformational. I am firmly convinced that the Kenton's guidance throughout the entire process was critical to the results I achieved. The daily reporting, the comments, encouragement and answers to any questions I had were not only motivational but also allowed me to understand more deeply the feedback my body was giving me. I cannot recommend more highly taking advantage of the mentorship.
EHR lost 6.80 kg
United Kingdom
best diet i have tried so far
I have tried hundreds of diets over ther last few years but i can honestly say this is the easiest strict diet to stick to as you can still eat! I tried all the opti slims, cambridge, and lighter life, but with this you can eat meat, fruit and veg, and still lose the weight. I have only been doing this for 1 week so far and have lost 5lbs already! I wont lie, the first two days after your binge days were really hard as my partner was still eating normal foods. my tummy was constantly grumbling, but by day three of the hcg diet part these hunger pangs were gone and i feel fine. even the cooking smells dont bother me as much. There are a few recipies in the Cura Romana book to accompany this spray, but i found one for my kindle app called EASY HCG DIET:RECIPIES & DIET PLAN LOSE A POUND A DAY by Celeste Wilson. This has lots of different ideas to choose from so your not eating the same thing every day. you can even still have ommlette and cottage cheese!! I will keep you updated as to weather the weight loss lasts but so far i would definatly reccommend!!
Do it Together!!
I'm just into week one; weighed 9st and now I'm 8st 8lbs.. Was a bit hungry but I guess that will serve me right for not 'feasting' properly the two days before:-( After a few days your energy will pick up and the recipes are great in the book; I improvised using different meats/fish or slightly changed flavourings. It's also a great help if you can do it with a friend or two as this encourages you more. You need to read the book first and ask yourself if you really can follow the plan which is rather regimented..as one of the girls in our group of four is struggling and on the verge of throwing in the towel!
Five Stars
It’s a great product and very effective alongside the book ‘New Cura Romana - weight loss plan'
Peter Livesey
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