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You can receive weekly health, diet & beauty updates from Leslie here...

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Fast, healthy weight loss to last a lifetime

Do you struggle to keep weight off, even on a good diet? Join Leslie Kenton – author of thirty-five bestselling books on health, beauty and spirituality – and embark on the Cura Romana program. Achieve a lean body, great health, emotional balance, and the freedom to be truly you. The Cura program can help reset your body’s metabolism permanently through the combination of a specific food plan and our unique Essential Spray.

Cura not only transforms your body.
It can even change your life.

Watch this video to find out more about our life-changing program

"Before the first week of the program ended I knew that everything was working superbly well. Physically I was feeling good as well as emotionally and I was losing weight that I had not been able to shift ever before." Haroon Lost 21.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"Cura Romana was a unique experience that I would recommend to everyone. It completely transformed my life. I am free of cravings and food addictions forever. I have learned how to enjoy my food, and chocolate. My energy levels are much higher and I look and feel so much younger. I am more aware of everything in the world and in myself and everyone around me. Most important I am more aware of my own needs and of fulfilling them. Cura Romana has been an extraordinary journey for me, and the most amazing experience that I have ever had. I now live in bliss almost every day and I'm just happy being me." Mirjana Lost 20.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"Thank you again for making this fabulous program available, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. It really is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time and I can still hardly believe it. I wish more people who are struggling with their weight would try it. To lose weight quickly and easily while not feeling hungry is just fantastic. I am sure that in time I will reach my ideal weight, a goal that I thought would no longer be possible, and this is all thanks to you and your obvious passion for the work that you do and for your wonderful support throughout." Diane Lost 22.0 Pounds (Australia)
"Where can you enter a weight loss plan that tells you it works for everybody, that you will see positive, dramatic and immediate results in the first week, and you don't have to do any exercise except gentle walking, that then becomes a personal journey to discover how your body can perform at its optimum level and never regain excess weight. That is Cura Romana and this is my experience of it." Norma Lost 20.8 Pounds (United Kingdom)
"Leslie Kenton and Cura Romana have changed my life in a matter of weeks. I have lost 15 kilos on the twelve-week program without any impact on my muscles. I am keeping the weight off and have emerged with a much greater respect for my body." Karen Lost 15 Kg's (Australia)

Ready to transform your body, mind and spirit?

Take the first step today…

Discover the philosophy behind Cura in Leslie’s new e-book - free download
Discover the philosophy behind Cura in Leslie’s new e-book - free download
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