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Cura Romana
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Essential Sprays-Cura Romana-best thing I ever purchased and did for myself.
I have followed Lesley Kenton's work for years but in my mid-30s I hit a personal obstacle- depression ensued which lead to a weight gain that I never experienced before. I began to panic as I had always followed the advice of Leslie..but this time something was different. My body was changing it's reaction to foods that I once found easy to digest... I discovered Leslie Kenton's website, (www (dot) curaromana) (dot com) and read the revolutionary concept she had unearthed from Simeons (1950s). Leslie presented this scientific work in a way that was easy to understand. She and her son, Aaron offered online mentorship to guide and support individuals through the journey. Familiar with her work, I signed up for what was the most life-changing experience. It turned out my body was transitioning into developing metabolic syndrome. I was foggy-headed, highly sensitive, short-tempered, easily distracted, sensitive to light and an overall sense of depression and lethargy. I began the 45-day program with Leslie and Aaron. It was easier than I had thought but I still didn't believe I was going to lose the weight they claim I could potentially lose. Not only did I lose 15kg, I lost it safely and had Leslie and Aarons mentorship to assure and support me. There were also lots of emotional issues coming up that I had blocked with comfort eating. I began to feel energetic and clear-minded. Although the personal issues had not disappeared, I was able to handle them with clarity, and less self-sabotaging behavior as before. My self-awareness skyrocketed as did my self-esteem. I often try to explain the process to people and they think it's a hack or 'too good to be true'. I was cynical at first also, but I can tell you without any reservation, it is single-handedly the most important process I ever went through. Not only did I lose weight, but I found myself, my inner self...it wasn't the weight loss after all. I know this sounds "hippy-dippy" or vague, but the process is hard to articulate, esp in an Amazon review! It's one of those things you have to experience yourself. There is a book to go with the sprays called Cura Romana Weight Loss Plan. I bought that too and it has recipes and everything in there, but online you get the same information with direct mentorship/guidance/support with Aaron Kenton. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and I always felt I could ask silly questions or get the support I needed. Make sure you use it with the book or mentorship online. It's a very strict process and you can't cheat, but you never feel hungry or get that deprived feeling while on the Food Plan process (21 days or 45-day Food Plan). Just be clear this isn't a diet, but a process, a transition and the sprays are amazing at not making you feel hungry at all. I honestly felt free because I didn't feel deprived or hungry or crave anything....It's amazing and if you stick to it to a "T" that feeling stays post Cura Romana Journey. I have lost 25kg in total using the Cura Roman Essential Sprays alongside Aaron Kenton's online mentorship. I can say without reservation it was the best investment...EVER! Come back to this review after you have experienced it. You will then realise how hard it is to put the experience into words! Highly recommened!
Rebecca DeWinter
Cura Romana Leslie Kenton
I started this 2-weeks ago and have lost 5kg, with another 5 to go. I also bought the book, which I think you need as I have referred back to it alot. You need to have space for this diet in your schedule as it is the most strict diet I have ever been on, but it works and if you stick to it the weight flies off. Its working wonders, I have felt tired, but the results are worth it. It has stopped my 'few' glasses of wine habit in the evening as well, so feeling good about the detox. Thoroughly recommend but you have to have space for the regime, I waited 4-weeks before starting as we had visitors/holidays and I could not have fitted in. Plus you have to change some beauty products/soaps and buy certain stuff in. So not a cheap fix, but I am really pleased with the results in just 2-weeks.
G Dubai
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