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I'll endeavour to be honest and factual in this twice was there are Things I wish I had known before i embarked on this protocol. This protocol really does work to lose weight, and from your problem areas too. The first time round I went from 9stone 6Ibs to 8st7.5Ibs. I maintained this weight through "consolidation stage" for a few months and then caught a nasty virus where my weight went down further to 8st1Ib over a month (I was eating normally-this weight loss was due to the virus!) I then struggled to know what to do-should I try and "consolidate" this additional weight loss or go back up to my "consolidated weight"(?!) i decided to consolidate the additional unintended weight loss, and worked on maintaining this weight loss. Food allergies: the diet protocol brought to light a strong wheat intolerance and mild dairy intolerance. If this is the case for you too-you will have to be SO SO SO SLOW about reintroducing wheat back into your diet-the diet resensitivises your system so that I had real pain and bowel problems whenever I ate wheat and if I ate too much (could just be a piece of bread with my three meals a day or just one bowl of pasta) I would get diahorrea. I was tested at specialist doctors-I do not have celiac-"just" an intolerance to wheat. It was at this point I discovered Dr D'adamo's "eat right for your blood type" diet. All the intolerances I had found myself from doing this protocol agreed with "blood type" diet-I am type O and suffer with the predicted intolerances this book states. Through unsuccessfully trying to incorporate the carbs and wheat back into my diet (I would get mad cravings when I had a little and then inevitably eat more than I intended) I put he weight back on....so armed with the "blood type" diet info I went back to this cura Romano protocol a second time-but made a few more restrictions -only eating foods the protocol AND the blood type diet permitted-for type O's this means no breadsticks and favouring certain veg choices. I actually lost more weight the second time round I believe as a result of this - I went from 9st 6Ibs to 8stone in the 3 weeks! This time I was prepared for consolidation and knew to take the "carbs" introduction very very very slowly, and to limit wheat to only one meal a day, if at all. The cura Romana protocol is best suited to Type O's as it mainly consists of foods blood type diet says are "beneficial" -mostly meat/fish/protein and veg-and mostly no carbs. I would suggest reading "eat right for your blood type" diet first before doing this protocol and selection the food choices that are best for your blood type. How did I feel whilst on the diet? First two days-I felt like a living HELL-headache, stomach ache, stomach acid, nausea, hungry, feeling really unwell and weak-wondered how on earth I could carry this on-and then by day 3 I felt LOADS better-for the rest of the diet I felt amazing-loads of energy, focus, stomach not hurting, IBS under control, not hungry-the lack of apetite is the best thing about this diet-it's takes will power out of the equation completely! I had only a few days where I felt really tired and weak where my legs had lost a lost of weight and muscles were compensating. One note for women-start the diet AFTER your period-if you are 'on' whilst doing the protocol be prepared for your weight to stall(/increase as a result of fluid retention) very little weight loss, and you will feel extremely tired and fatigued/weak. Be prepared to miss a period in the month following the diet ending-rapid weight loss can mean you skip a period. Be sure to take the hormone vitamins and beneficial foods the "blood type" diet recommends and cut out the "avoid foods" it's important for women's to stabilise their hormones after following this diet! (I had to be careful as my hormones were disrupted doing this diet) If you have a "sleep debt" leading up to doing the diet you will also be very tired and weak feeling during the first week of the protocol. Stick with it, it does clear up and you'll feel better. I did sleep much better than normal and much more soundly, although often getting up to go to toilet at least once in the night (you will urinate frequently whilst losing weight so quickly on this protocol) Other advice/warnings? Hairloss. If you have fine hair or already balding-think carefully before doing this diet. When you lose a significant amount of weight rapidly a lot of your hair goes from "growing stage" to "lying dormant". I found that exactly 3 months after doing the protocol each time I lost a lot of my hair within 2-3 weeks. This was very distressing for me as a woman. It took me a while to discover that the rapid weight loss was the culprit. I found I could get round this by taking one or two "cheat days" on the diet-every 5-7 days have some high fat/protein quality foods from the "consolidation foods" selection -you won't lost weight these days but it should give your system the boost it needs to not send your hair into "non growth" stage (apologies for the lack of scientific terms here) and hopefully retain your hair. I found the "high strength collagen" for hair skin and nails from Holland and barret great for regrowjng my hair-it took about a year, but my hair is back to being thicker again. So with all these complications would I do the diet again/recommend to others? Yes-because I know this is the only way to shift weight from those problem areas and providing you follow the consolidation to the letter you will keep the weight off. I know I have broken the rules and put the weight back on (after keeping it off for 2 years) through my own fault(I had a lot to deal with in my personal life and comfort ate)-and so will do the diet "one last time" and this time, stick to the consolidation for life. But I think this diet is best suited to type -o blood type, and use "blood type" diet more rigorously throughout consolidation and life going forward. (Type O's : don't use coconut oil!)
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I love the precision and the efficiency of the program itself. The support and assistance is the most kind and comprehensive and immediate. There is a lot of informations, succinct and essential for greater understanding, solutions, ideas, techniques offered. I love that is far more than a weight loss program. I love it from Alpha to Omega. It is so whole and complete.
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