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I am currently on day 19, and nearing the end of taking the spray, and am absoloutely delighted with the results so far: I am 41, 5ft 5 and weighed 9.12 - which I know is not overweight at all, and would have been fine if not for the emergence of a big, flabby mid-section in the last couple of years, particularly my belly. It was very hard to shift, and I didn't want to do traditional dieting as I didn't want to lose fat from other areas, such as my bust - hence my interest in this diet, claiming to get rid of the "bad" unsightly fat instead. Well 19 days later, I have lost 14 pounds - and most of it from that horrible belly. Each day, I couldn't believe my eyes as I noticed fat almost (sorry for the cliche) melting away. My face is slimmer and more youthful - the puffy, middle aged look that made my eyes disappear has gone. My collarbones have come back. My arms are slimmer and my bust is the same. I do not want to lose anymore, and am noticing that the weight loss is beginning to slow down and stall - which may have something to do with me reaching my personal "ideal weight?" Yes it sounds almost too good to be true HOWEVER, this is not for everyone. It needs a lot of careful preparation, and the right equipment - digital scales for weighing your protein raw at each meal, physillium husks, vitamin C, lotions with no oils or fats in them other than mineral oil - you mustn't let your skin come into contact with products containing natural oils - which seems to be in everything. So beauty maintenance is kind of thrown out of the window. After two or three days, it's quite easy to follow, as I got used to the routine, and I was also happy to see the cost of the sprays etc offset by how much I saved from grocery shopping Basically you have to do your research before even thinking about beginning. You can read the Dr Simeon's original protocol Pounds and Inches which is free on the net, I found Leslie Kenton's book excellent, and followed hers which closely follows Dr Simeon's but is geared towards today's lifestyle and very informative. I don't know if I would recommend this diet to anyone who has a demanding job and a long commute. There were days when I was very tired and drained - and I work from home, however I never felt hungry. Having said that, my sister followed the diet at the same time as me, and she experienced very strong cravings and hunger (she lost a total of 18 pounds). I would definitely recommended to anyone who needs to shift stubborn fat, and is totally sick of it and sick of eating unhealthfully for any length of time and just wants to stop, but you need to follow the protocol to the letter. Update 1: I have kept the weight off. Since finishing, I have had the odd day or two of eating a whole pizza or big plate of curry, but by and large I have changed the way I eat - I no longer crave sugar and keep processed foods to a minimum, and I only feel like eating when I am genuinely hungry. This programme has helped me change the way I eat and has also changed my life. Thank you Ms Kenton! Update 2: Three months since the diet ended and my weight for the past two months has stabilised at 8.8 stones - a total weight loss of 18 pounds overall. I am very happy with this, and my husband jokes that I have the body of a 20 year old now (yeah right!) but I'm back to pre-baby weight although somewhat ironically I'd like to weigh a bit more, ideally 8.12 stones, which I am finding difficult without going on a huge junk food binge which I'm not prepared to do. I still eat healthily, but do have days of pasta with creamy sauces, or huge portions of chips, and curries (though I have cut right down on snacks desserts and biscuits, enjoying them once a week or so). I really do believe that this diet has reset my metabolism - I rarely fluctuate beyond one or two pounds now. Highly recommended if you're prepared to experience the three weeks or so of very strict eating and yes, deprivation for all the wonderful benefits after.
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more than a weight loss program
I love the precision and the efficiency of the program itself. The support and assistance is the most kind and comprehensive and immediate. There is a lot of informations, succinct and essential for greater understanding, solutions, ideas, techniques offered. I love that is far more than a weight loss program. I love it from Alpha to Omega. It is so whole and complete.
Flore lost 2.40 kg
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