The Cura Romana


It is impossible to say just how impactful Cura Romana can be on your life. It is utterly amazing how simple, effective and calming Cura Romana is. I am just coming to the end of my second Cura Romana journey and I'm 50 pounds lighter and healthier and more vital in every way. It's the only diet that works at a deep enough level to be truly sustainable. It gives you the chance to take full control of your health and food choices. In short, Cura Romana can set you free!
Jonathan Lost 50.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)

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  • You want to end food cravings permanently
  • You've struggled too long from lack of energy
  • You're looking for safe, easy, hunger-free fat loss
  • You want to look good and feel great now


  • 7 Your Essential Spray 2 x 15 ml on Journey 24 or 4 x 15 ml on Journey 45
  • 8 Day-by-day audios and videos by Leslie to guide you
  • 9 Recipes from Leslie's home kitchen
  • 10 Your Sanctuary for de-stressing freedom, creativity and joy
  • 11 Your Library for in-depth information about the program
  • 12 Secrets for life-long health, vitality and lasting leaness
  • 1Your Essential Spray + Food Plan Manual
  • 2Your Consolidation Manual
  • 3 Your daily progress report
  • 4Your personal weight chart to record progress
  • 5 An extensive help section
  • 6 A support team ready and waiting to help you

For the cost of a daily cup of coffee you can experience fast healthy weight loss

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How Cura Works

Track Your Progress

  • Track your progress day-by-day
  • Easily identify any adjustments so weight loss runs smoothly
  • Get Support whenever you need it

Thank you again for making this fabulous program available, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. It really is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time and I can still hardly believe it. I wish more people who are struggling with their weight would try it. To lose weight quickly and easily while not feeling hungry is just fantastic. This is all thanks to you and your obvious passion for the work that you do and for your wonderful support throughout.
Diane Lost 22.0 Pounds (Australia)

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Cura Romana's Daily Guidance


The program guides you from the Preparation section on to your Feast Days, through the important first week of your Food Plan, then on to the following weeks of Essential Spray+Food Plan. Then you will receive your Consolidation Manual to help you prepare for the most important part of the program. Each time you enter a new stage of the program you get new sets of information and guidance. In addition, you receive daily audios, videos and written materials by Leslie. You also get access to other rich and supportive areas of the site which you will want to make good use of.

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Help When You Need It

  • Daily audios, videos and written materials to guide you
  • A great search engine for help that matters
  • Learn how to live a truely healthy lifestyle with ease

Cura Romana has been a journey of transformation on many levels. I lost 31 pounds, three dress sizes, and accessed a level of energy I never dreamed possible. But more importantly for me, I have reconnected with a part of me that had been buried - the part of me that is childlike, full of joy and sparkle and sheer life! I feel grounded in my body, clear in my mind and connected in my spirit. I know that I have been on far more than a weightloss program. I have been on a journey back to my authentic self. I can never thank Leslie enough for her wise counsel, excellent suggestions, and nurturing spirit.
Susan Lost 31.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)

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Cura Romana Journey Sanctuary


Here you'll find easy-to-use practices and helpful tools and techniques—from ways to enhance your ability to deal with stress to ways of becoming more familiar with your authentic self—the part of you which is highly individual yet also universally divine. In the Sanctuary you can deepen your connections with your essential being and expand your personal freedom, creativity and joy.

Your Library

  • Learn to support yourself for lifelong health
  • Here you find the practical tools for fast weight loss
  • Here you learn the secrets of Cura's origins, science and further reading

As someone who has tried many diets over the years with varying degrees of success, I found the Cura Romana Journey very different from all of them. This time I lost the cravings and addictive eating behavior and they have never returned. Above all, I have learned to listen to and trust my body to tell me what it needs rather than relying on arbitrary rules. I feel an enormous sense of unity between body and spirit. I would never have believed such a thing to be possible. I feel a confidence and vitality that is new and I truly believe that it is going to last.
Maria Lost 28.0 Pounds (United Kingdom)

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Your Kitchen

  • Full of delicious, nutritious recipes from start to finish
  • Here you learn food tricks and truths you won't forget
  • Find out how to eat for pleasure and shun regain

If you've ever despaired of being in control of your eating habits then I cannot recommend strongly enough that you try Cura Romana. Prior to my undertaking the Cura Romana program I was 42 pounds overweight and I often felt helpless and out of control, and despised myself for my lack of willpower when I was overcome by a craving for bread or pasta. Now, after losing 23 pounds and keeping it off, I feel much more respect for myself and I am proud of what I have achieved. I no longer have any food cravings, I no longer even enjoy bread and pasta, and I have absolutely no doubt that I will lose my remaining weight. Following Cura Romana was far easier than I could ever have imagined, and most importantly it's changed my relationship with food for ever. Don't take my word for it though, try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.
Cath Lost 23.0 Pounds (New Zealand)

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